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Sound BodyMind Solutions for chronic pain, anxiety, and sleep issues.

Nourishing the Nervous System through Sound Therapy, Energy Healing, Thai Massage & Wellness Coaching for Whole Person Health+



Connecting to the body, the breath & the voice invites deep states of relaxation as a crucial first step to support the healing process so that you can begin to unwind the causes of chronic pain, and stress and feel less "stuck" and more EASE.



As physical, mental and emotional tension dissolves and old patterns release, mental fog lifts, energy is restored, sleep, digestion, & moods improve, and you begin to feel more like YOURSELF.



With an ongoing commitment to self-care, and the support of Bodylight Wellness, a deep renewal is possible. You may feel less reactive, notice relationships improve, begin to dream again, and connect to greater POSSIBILITY for your next best steps.

‘I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright.’
- Henry David Thoreau

At Bodylight we help clients change their relationship to stress, anxiety and chronic pain with Sound, Energy, Thai Bodywork & BodyMind Coaching.

Using the breath, embodied wisdom, sound & voice, we support clients to invite clarity & confidence so that they can FLOW in life with Peacefulness, Presence, and Powerful Choice.

Experience Self-Integration & Wholeness with Sound Healing, Bodywork and Wellness Coaching Services

Simple, self-care support for body, mind, soul & whole-person health. Promoting nervous system regulation, increased energy flow, and emotional resilience. Our soundwork sessions utilize the healing power of sound to reduce stress and promote relaxation, while our bodywork and massage services work to release tension and increase circulation.

 Customized wellness coaching sessions & programs will support your process as you receive personalized support in your commitment to self-care and BodyMind integration. Experience the benefits of soundwork, bodywork, and wellness coaching with our comprehensive and integrative approach to wellness.

Body-Mind AWARE | Heart FOCUSED | Client CENTERED | Trauma INFORMED

Body-Mind AWARE

Wellness Approved By Our Happy Customers

It was an amazing experience.Everyone should try it!!! The next day I woke up feeling refreshed.I will definitely go again. Thank you for an amazing experience!
J & A Ottema
J & A Ottema
Leah's sound bath sessions are wonderful! Relaxing, soothing, centering, and calming. Definitely something I wish to participate in again!
Hazel Tabayoyong
Hazel Tabayoyong
Leah's ability to integrate a rich toolbox of energetic modalities and coaching to help facilitate your customized healing experience is masterful. Her comforting demeanor, open heart, heightened intuition and years of practical experience will guide you to your unique goals. She creates a safe space and pace for your growth. During our time together, I have greatly appreciated Leah's laser focus, guidance, reliability and follow-through. And I think after working with her, you will, too.
Mazin S
Mazin S
Navigating our way through everyday life in the modern age takes it's toll on our minds and bodies. Our mental state is influenced by our physical body and vice versa. Healing therefore should use the energetic mind body connection together to improve our overall well being. This is where Leah shines. She has a deep understanding of the intricate balance between these realms and integrates them with her coaching allowing us to align our needs and our physical and mental body through a guided program of healing. She eagerly continues to learn and integrate her knowledge to help us individually through various modalities.
Pamela Van Nest
Pamela Van Nest
I have been a client and member of Leah’s groups for some time now. Her Thai massage is what I call “opening” for me. She intuitively knows how to use her techniques that are both relaxing and energizing. The hot stone massage leaves me very relaxed and feeling more flexible. The sound healing was so powerful that I slept the entire night after the session. During this time in Covid, Leah has designed virtual “sound bath” sessions and meditations during retreats that seemed to align my own energy and feel very grounded afterwards. I would recommend anyone to incorporate any of Leah’s offerings into their self-care routine.
Lisa H
Lisa H
Wonderful thai massage. Leah is fantastic and really knows mind and body energy. Highly recommend

Sound Frequency & Voice Healing

Sound Healing invites a state of deep relaxation & meditation. it nourishes the body and communicates safety to the nervous system, so your body’s systems can synchronize to rest, digest & enter its natural healing mode. 

Sound & Energy Healing can support post-trauma growth, grief recovery & integrating life’s changes.


  • Vocal Toning & Sound Meditation
  • Sound Synergy & Sonic Bodywork
  • Private, Semi-Private & Group Soundbaths


A Holistic Approach to Self-Care, Nervous System Regulation & Emotional Resilience

Thai Bodywork & Embodied Movement Instruction

Thai Massage offers a unique and holistic approach to bodywork. A tradition of assisted meditative movement and stretches, compressions, energy work & acupressure, each session is infused with loving kindness for the highest intention of health & happiness.


  • Traditional Thai Massage on the mat
  • Thai Heat & Herbal Therapy
  • Thai Stone Bliss
  • BodyVibes Sonic Acupressure
  • Private Restorative Yoga & Meditation


Slow Down, Connect To Your Body, Get Clear About How To Shift Your Relationship To Stress & Pain

BodyMind Synergy Coaching

The BodyMind Method© is a body & heart centered coaching process that is designed to empower you to shift your relationship with stress and pain, deepen connection to the inner wisdom that is always inside of you waiting to be heard so that you can BE more fully in your life, with more presence, fulfillment, easy & possibility.

BodyMind Synergy coaching is a powerful support structure designed to help you:

🌙 tune in and get clear on how you feel & what you need 

🌙 explore the language of your body and its inner wisdom

🌙 take your next best step forward with ease and confidence

Customized sessions and programs can be coaching alone, or can integrate a layering of complementary practices including sound healing, biofield tuning, simple meditation practices, energy medicine, or  bodywork (when in person).

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