Bodylight Events Fall 2023

Monthly Soundbath Experiences

Location: Shake It Off / Karma Yoga Studio - 9 Woodlawn Rd, Guelph

*NEW* Fall 2023 Class Series

Sound Body Sessions

Nervous system solutions for emotional wellness, better sleep and increased vitality

Learn a powerful practice of sound meditation, gentle movement ( qi gong & yoga) , balancing breath work, self acupressure  & energy medicine  to invite a grounded and self-regulated inner state . 

These weekly sessions synthesize mindful movement, breathwork, vocal toning , energy medicine & sound bath relaxation so that you can :

  • connect with your body & intuition,
  • Tone your Vagus nerve   for increased resilience
  • Boost Heart Rate variability and flexibility for more freedom and EASE
  • Activate your Voice for more CLARITY, CONFIDENCE & CALM communication

Classes will be live in person, and recordings will be available for virtual participants and replays.

Location:  Guelph Youth Music Centre, 75 Cardigan St. Guelph

Embodied Voices: Tone, Tune & Tea

A monthly gathering to explore greater healing potential in community when we fully presence our voices, intentionality and heart- brain coherence. 

Slow down, Tune in…….tone your Vagus Nerve

  • Connect to your body & voice
  • Release tension patterns
  • Befriend your nervous system 

In these cozy sessions you’ll Learn Vocal Toning, receive group Biofield Tuning, and practice Heart-ful Meditation to help you bring clarity, focus, confidence and empowered action into your whole life- work, play, family, and self care routine.

Wednesdays : 9/20, 10/11, 11/8,  11/22, 12/6 12/20

$25 single class, $144 for all 6 sessions,  ( 20% savings )

Mugs, Tea and cozy vibes all provided, but please feel FREE to bring your own!

Location:  Pathways Healing, 350 Speedvale Ave WEST, Guleph  unit 11