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Guelph Sound Bath Meditations

Sound Bath Meditations & Immersions create the conditions for deep relaxation and an easy doorway into meditative states that can help:

Sound Bath Healing

Sound bathing and sound immersion are two therapeutic practices that use sound as a tool for relaxation and healing. During a sound bath, participants lie or sit comfortably while a practitioner plays various instruments such as chimes, crystal bowls, and tuning forks, creating a soundscape that surrounds and enters the body.

A sound bath can help you access deep states of meditation and the brainwaves ( Alpha & Theta ) that are associated with the dreamstate, the body’s natural healing mode, and create a deep sense of connection and wholeness.

A sound bath can be a unique activity of connection to experience as a couple, a small group of close friends, or to compliment a special event: Mother’s Blessings, Weddings, Transitioning, Retreats, or even foster teambuilding at the workplace.

Healing Sound Bath in Guelph

What are Sound Baths helpful for?

Benefits of sound immersion therapy

Research has shown sound healing can be effective for reducing the symptoms of neurological conditions like Alzheimers, Dementia, parkinsons , Autism, Traumatic Brain Injuries, as well as other common issues like Anxiety, Sleep Disorders, Chronic Pain, PTSD, Post Partum Depression, ADD/ADHD, Thyroid Issues & Adrenal Issues 

Sound healing is also very powerful for Caregivers , Health workers, and Complimentary health practitioners, as it helps to regulate and restore the energy of the Caregiver, reducing burnout by making their work more efficient, while they receive the self-care support they need.

Woman relaxing during a sound bath in Guelph

Sound Immersion Therapy

Sound immersion healing is similar to sound bath healing, but it usually involves customized one-on-one interaction with the practitioner, who tailors the session to the needs and preferences of the individual.  

Private sessions are a non-invasive form of sound medicine, powerful for working through long-held issues, held deeply in the tissues, for emotional release and letting go of the past, and for chronic conditions that have limited treatment options.  

As a Trauma Sensitive Heart-Math Provider, I aim to provide a safe, supportive and nurturing space for each client to receive the power of sound and integrate what they discover into their daily lives.

A therapeutic practice for healing & self-integration.

Practitioner performing a sound bath ceremony
Sound bath instruments

Experience Deep Relaxation and Renewal

Experience sound baths in a group (monthly class sessions), as a small group activity, special events, or in a private therapeutic setting.

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