All About Bodylight Wellness

As a BodyMind Specialist and Self -Integration coach, I help women who struggle with anxiety, exhaustion, and chronic pain learn to get grounded, clear and connected to their bodies and voice so that they can presence their lives more fully, with a sense of ease and time to care for themselves–without all the guilt!

This powerful work inspires & encourages clients to shift from feeling frustrated, overwhelmed & burnt out from the stress & pain that comes from OVER-doing and OVER-giving, so they can  find more connection, fulfillment and en-JOY-ment in their everyday lives.  

I am very passionate about how we can use sound and vibration to shift the frustration & difficulties in our lives, into coherence & inspired action by simply pausing & tuning in to receive the harmonic vibrations of nature,  a soundscape meditation, or our very own voices! 

I guide my clients through customized experiences with sound, mindful movement, heart-centered meditation, intuitive energy medicine and cutting edge neuroscience to share powerful self-integration tools and vocal meditation practices for connecting to and learning to trust the inner wisdom of the body.

When we lean into our fuller selves, more possibility opens and we become more alive.

This can change our lives, our communities AND the world. ​I look forward to connecting with you!

Leah Sunshine Glatz, LHP

Sound Healing Facilitator,   Trauma Sensitive HeartMath Provider,  Biofield Tuning Practitioner

Kripalu Yoga instructor , Thai Bodywork Practitioner , BodyMind Method,  Mental Fitness & Self-Integration Coach 

When I’m not playing with all things sound, energy, and healing, you’ll find me in my garden, out in nature, offering gratitude and soaking in the forest vibes to recharge.