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“To reteach a thing its loveliness is the nature of metta. Through lovingkindness, everyone & everything can flower again from within.”
– Sharon Salzberg

Traditional Thai Massage

As an ancient discipline of well-being, Thai Massage has been used for over 2500 years.

Based on the principles of metta– loving, conscious presence; the ultimate goal of giving & receiving Thai Massage (after relieving your aches and pains of course ) is to balance the energy flow in the body, promote detoxification of the cells, open energy channels, and invoke a regulated Body Mind connection. 

Clients report feeling a relief of weight and tension, heightened mental clarity and a deeper connection to their fuller selves.

It is known by many people as an essential component to overall well- being. Modern Thai Massage is a powerful tool for release in a modern busy, stressful & sedentary lifestyle and is adaptive to all levels of movement ability.  


Traditional Thai Massage

Thai massage is a therapeutic bodywork discipline that integrates mind, body and heart, through assisted stretches, acupressure, rhythmic compressions and deep breathing to create an experience of physical relief, deep relaxation, and overall well-being. 

All Bodylight Thai massage is performed with comfortable clothing on a mat or table, without the use of oils and can be easily modified to suit the clients’ preferences for pressure and range of flexibility.

✳︎ Pressure can range from very light to very deep, as desired.


Thai Heat & Herbal Massage

This delightful heated herbal acupressure treatment helps to relieve stiff/sore muscles and joints, alleviate inflammation and stimulates the organs of the circulatory, digestive and nervous systems. Inhalation and absorption through the skin of the herbal steam also gives relief from chest/sinus colds and flu symptoms and supports detoxification.

Like Thai massage, the heat therapy with herbal compresses has positive effects for your body, mind and emotional well-being. Thai herbal bundles are handmade in Thailand from a recipe of organic herbs that has been used for over 5000 years. The bundles are steamed and pressed along the limbs and back for a relaxing, uplifting and profound sensational experience. 


Thai Stone Bliss

My Signature Treatment: hot stones are placed on the body (through clothing) to melt tension tissues, invited circulation into key areas while relaxing the nervous system and activating the body’s natural healing response. 

The stones have been collected by me all over the world in rivers, oceans and from on mountain hikes. This deeply nourishing & grounding energy treatment will offer you a deeply restorative and “connected-to-all-things” kind of experience! 

Lately I’ve been using smooth gemstone sand crystals with clients as well to amplify the relaxation and clarifying effects that come with integrating healing stones in with the bodywork. 



BodyVibes: Sonic Thai Acupressure

Get ready to harmonize from the inside out! Another signature treatment that offers a multi-disciplinary fusion of healing techniques to invite rejuvenation & nervous system regulation.

This powerful relaxing session will help unlock deeply held tension in the BodyMind and restore the flow of the body’s fluid energy (lymph, blood & electromagnetic current) to  promote optimal vital function.

Using Thai acupressure, tuning forks, Tibetan bowls, chimes, vocal toning and energy resonance, this session allows you to release the anxiety and tension as you feel clearer and more grounded, and “in tune”!

The Benefits Of Thai Massage

Thai massage has many benefits that help us deal with a variety of struggles caused by our hectic modern lives.

Mental Benefits

  • Relief from frustration, exhaustion & depleted energy
  • Encourages clear thinking, better decision making, and opening to greater possibilities
  • Invites peacefulness, inspiration & resolve

Physical Benefits

  • Improves sleep, digestion, immune function & nervous system regulation
  • Increases circulation, flexibility & range of motion
  • Expands breath capacity & body awareness

Emotional / Spiritual

  • Encourages connection, deeper presence to life & resilience
  • Expands capacity for self-compassion, empathy & forgiveness
  • Supports healing & recovery from trauma, grief & illness
  • Can release toxic patterns of thoughts & beliefs & behaviours

Thai massage has also helped many people feel relief from many other illness and symptoms including:


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Please wear or bring a set of comfortable clothes that will stretch with your body for all Thai Massage.

I recommend long sleeves as your nervous system down regulates, your body temperature may drop.

I recommend dark cotton clothing for the Thai Heat Treatment to reduce the chance of the herbs passing along some colour.

Thai Massage and Thai Stone are performed with the client fully dressed.  While some styles of Thai massage may use oils, I do not use oil during any of my treatments.

I use my hands, elbows, knees, and feet to create the perfect pressure for you. Thai massage can range from very light to very deep according to your body’s needs.

As a practitioner, I strive to create stretching and pressure depth suited to your comfort level and ability.  Please feel comfortable to let me know your preferences at any time so adjustments can be made, (even if they change over time !)

Thai Yoga Massage can be safe and enjoyable and beneficial for a pregnant mom, when observing standard precautions and avoiding key areas and sustained pressure. Please consult with your midwife or other care provider prior to your appointment, as each body and pregnancy can differ.


All clients are required to disclose previous conditions in the body so that I may accurately and safely tailor your treatment to your specific needs. Please identify all injuries or surgeries so I can avoid contraindicated postures. Please consult previously with your doctor to discuss if massage can be prescribed or recommended for your conditions.

Important Facts About Thai Massage

Experience the Ancient Healing Art of Thai Massage: Key Facts You Should Know

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