Body Mind Synergy Coaching

Do you struggle...??

With chronic pain / anxiety?

With insomnia & depleted energy levels? 

to make time for yourself without feeling guilty?

To speak your truth?

With thinking clearly and making decisions you feel good about?

Or with feeling unsettled, overwhelmed or stuck in circumstances beyond your control?

What would be possible in your life if you felt...

More grounded & present to life?

Less reactive  & triggered by others?

Better rested with balanced moods and energy levels?

Confident to speak your truth and express your needs?


What if you had more time, space and energy for the things YOU really want?

BodyMind Synergy

Self-Integration through Connection, Clarity & Conscious Choice

When you tune into your body and your VOICE, you invite a PAUSE to bring more conscious presence to life’s situations.  We work together with simple and actionable embodiment tools to help you build awareness so you can identify what is holding you back and learn to break free from the limiting beliefs that keep you trapped in a cycle of feeling STUCK. 

With a deepening connection to yourself, you learn to interrupt your habitual stress response, and stay open to possibility.  New neural pathways and emotional baselines that you can actually feel, naturally invite more CONFIDENCE, CLARITY & CHOICE into your life.

As you SHOW UP for yourself fully and commit to this embodied process, you invite more space, time, peacefulness, ease, & vitality into the life you choose to claim.


I’m Leah Sunshine. I invite you to come explore the power of connecting to your body and using your voice to activate your healing potential from the inside out!

I help caregivers who struggle with the anxiety, insomnia and depletion learn connect to their bodies and their voice, to clear and settle the busy-ness of the mind, restore their energy levels and presence their life more fully with a sense of harmonious BE-ing and self-INTEGRATION.

I am passionate about helping people who feel stuck in patterns of OVER giving & OVER doing befriend their nervous systems so that they can cultivate more PRESENCE, CONNECTION, playfulness and en-JOY-ment in their lives.

Specializing in Sound and Voice healing, neuroscience and energy medicine techniques, I support my clients as they tune in to the power of their VOICE, learn to TRUST their body’s inner wisdom , clarify & express what they need most and where they want to go with their lives, and use their voice to build confidence to take empowered action toward what they truly desire.

BodyMind Synergy Coaching

Are you ready to learn a powerful process and set of tools to help you get clarity about what you really want and build the confidence to take your next next steps?

As a BodyMind method & Positive Intelligence (PQ) coach, I  support clients as they learn to quiet their inner critics, begin trusting in the wise VOICE of their inner coach, the body’s intelligence and open to new possibilities as they unfold into new versions of themselves.

Together, we explore tools and techniques to help you stay grounded in your energy, quiet the mind chatter, and be more present to your life so that you can:

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