Sound Healing & Anxiety Research

Did you know that sound healing modalities, including Biofield Tuning are powerful access points to enter deep states of meditation rapidly, and easily, which reduce the symptoms of anxiety?

Extensive research has been conducted for decades now around outcomes from meditation and its impact over our neuro-physiology and application for many symptoms, including anxiety, depression,  sleep and memory improvement, improved moods and emotional resilience.  

A recent study was conducted that looks specifically at three cutting edge angles for treating anxiety: specifically for sound healing and healing through the biofield AND distance healing.

Sound Healing Reduces Generalized Anxiety During The Pandemic: A feasibility study

Sound Healing & Anxiety Research

Shamini Jain a, Eileen McKusick b, Lorna Ciccone a, Meredith Sprengel c, Cheryl Ritenbaugh a d


While this was a preliminary study, the first of its kind!-  it shows that the impact of Biofield Tuning may be substantial in reducing anxiety and improving mental health.  

(feel free to read the full paper HERE if you like!!)

Qualitative (numbers, measurable inputs) and Quantitative results (experience, participants descriptions of their symptoms, and even their language) all showed improvement in most of the participants, that is, reduction in anxiety symptoms during the study – from a distance (All studies were conducted through Zoom during the pandemic).

Non-chemical, No talk, Non-touch & Non-local treatment with sound can reduce symptoms of anxiety in as little as three weeks !!!  

This is HUUUUGE!!!!

As a result, a full randomized trial study is now underway to study this further and to submit to peer review upon completion. 

As a Sound Healing Facilitator, this is EXTREMELY exciting news – not because I need to see data to prove what I already know from my work with my clients, but because Peer Reviewed Studies are a great long game strategy to influence policy, funding, and promote widespread adoption within health care and educational institutions.  (top down is very slow I’ll say)

Did you know it can sometimes take YEARS for these studies to be conducted, analyzed, published &  reviewed?

With Anxiety affecting 27.3 % of the adult population (in the US) and 41.7 % of young adults (ages 18-29) according to a CDC 2022 study, it is evident we have a serious, yet very treatable collective problem on our hands. Additionally, anxiety disproportionally affects women, people in the BIPOC communities, and differently-abled individuals.  

(remember, these studies poll a particular sector of the population- I have a feeling the stats would be much higher if we had the ability to poll every living human on earth!)

Chronic Anxiety symptoms lead to multiple chronic health problems down the road of life. Do you really think we can wait YEARS to turn the page on anxiety and emotional regulation for ourselves…for our young adults…for so many people who have Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), PTSD, generational trauma, and chronic worry about their health, finances, or state of the world?

I am positive that this newer study will reiterate and show a continued reduction of the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder.


How does anxiety affect you?…your sleep?….your energy levels?….your ability to focus and make decisions that steer you to where you’d like to be?…..your sense of personal empowerment?….or even just your ability to communicate more effectively with the ones you love?

Let’s PAUSE for a minute- seriously, I’m getting a little anxious myself!

Let out a longer exxxxhale than the last one. Feel your breath coming in. Exhale more slowly….. 

Feel both feet on the ground. Place a hand on your belly or heart.

Feel your breath as it moves through the body……hear the sound of your breath

Maybe let out a SIGH or a quiet HAAAAA sound….

Whew!  That’s better!  How do you feel now?

(That was a “bottom, up” approach btw- much faster than “top, down”)

While a peer review study will be helpful to draw more attention to Sound Healing as a viable treatment for anxiety that will hopefully interest a wider audience, personal experience is the best way to know how incredible it can feel in the body to receive this subtle yet powerful form of relaxation, nervous system regulation, and sense of inner balance within the BodyMind system.

How exactly does it work? Stay tuned I will save that for another time-(  attention spans are short these days, mine included, and I need another several paragraphs for that!)  

Helping you work through patterns of tension and anxiety through sound and energy medicine IS my GIFT and there are a few ways below that I can help you get started on reducing the symptoms of anxiety.

BUT FIRST – Recent Client Wins! : these are some of the results reported to me from recent clients:

  • Feeling more motivated to move forward with projects, house cleaning, clearer thinking 
  • Ability to work through difficult emotions, while still being kind to themselves
  • Increased Awareness when stress or anxiety arises in the body, and being able to take a step back from daily encounters with stress
  • Recognizing where life situations held them back from speaking their truth, and consciously working more with their voice to unlock stuck emotions


The 4 Main Ways to Experience the Benefits of Sound Healing

Not in Guelph ON?  No problem, Private online sessions are also available, please CONTACT ME to arrange a Zoom session for you or your group, from anywhere in the world.

I am a Trauma Sensitive Heart-Math Provider and Sound Healing Facilitator specializing in simple, effective approaches with sound and the breath to keep you steady, calm, clear and thriving through life.

Sound Immersions / Sounds Baths

Soundbaths are extended sessions of relaxation that invite a dreamlike state and a restorative journey to inner peacefulness. The sounds of different instruments – singing bowls, drums, flutes, chimes – wash away physical and emotional tension, long held traumas, and bring clarity for new patterns and possibilities to emerge.

In August, I’m offering outdoor soundbaths in-person at the Arboretum in Guelph, ON. click HERE for dates and to register for these or the monthly soundbaths that will resume in the fall.

Biofield Tuning

Biofield Tuning is a therapeutic sound healing method that uses the sounds and vibrations of tuning forks to settle the busyness of the mind, release tension in the body, reset the nervous system and allow you to breathe and move with more ease, leaving patterns of pain and limited thinking behind.

Biofield Tuning works directly with the body’s electromagnetic system, through and around the body, to connect into our conscious and subconscious mind, including our memories, to release and reintegrate long held patterns of tension that affect our physical health and emotional well-being.  

In-person and virtual sessions are available, contact me directly.

BodyVibes Sonic Acupressure

A powerfully relaxing session to unlock deep tension and release stress held in the BodyMind and restore the flow of the body’s vital energy using hands on acupressure, tuning forks, energy work and healing sound.

In-person, on the body, sonic massage & sound therapy

Sound Synergy Session

This guided session explores the breath and the power in your voice to connect deeply to your body, freeing tension and constriction in your throat and neck to invite calm, clarity, resolve and the ability fully express yourself.

A Synergy of Voice, Sound and Coaching, This powerful work inspires & encourages clients to shift from feeling frustrated, overwhelmed & burnt out from the stress & pain that comes from OVER-doing and OVER-giving, so they can find more connection, PRESENCE, fulfillment and en-JOY-ment in their everyday lives.

Ready to experience a reduction in anxiety symptoms in your life so you can live with more freedom, more presence, more clarity & confidence?  

Contact me to find a time to schedule a virtual or in-person session.